Tesla Wheel Accessories: Stylish Options for Your Tires

Should you own a Tesla, you are well aware of its cutting edge style and slicing-advantage tesla accessories (tesla tillbehör) technologies making it stand out among other electric powered autos on the market. But did you know that there are several add-ons available that could consider your Tesla traveling expertise to a higher level? From individualized recharging strategies to included convenience and safety features, we have circular up several of the should-have extras every Tesla proprietor must look into.

1. Wi-fi Telephone Battery charger – So, you are showing up in the road with your Tesla, but you don’t want to think about your telephone death in a very long drive. That’s where a wifi telephone charger comes in handy. This adornment is specifically made for Tesla and connects to the car’s gaming system. It is easy to install and sleek-looking, eliminating cords and mess. Furthermore, a number of these rechargers help two products all at once.

2. Tailored Floor Mats – Tesla owners are proud to exhibit their vehicles, and customized flooring mats are the best way for taking that great pride one step further. There are plenty of styles from which to choose, including people that have the Tesla emblem, custom-made messages or visuals, and also those that match up the auto interior’s shade or layout. In addition they safeguard the car’s indoor, but they’re also really eye-capturing.

3. Paint Protection Movie – You might be by far the most careful vehicle driver on earth, but that won’t cease other car owners from kicking up rocks and streets debris that can lead to your Tesla’s fresh paint to nick or mark. That’s why Fresh paint Defense Motion picture is vital. Within the hood, top bumper, and fenders with this particular specialised materials, employed to guard race vehicles, can keep your Tesla’s painting in good shape for years.

4. Upgraded Ft . Pedals – One of the more straightforward ways to increase a Tesla’s traveling experience, specially for those who very own designs without the performance bundles, is by installing enhanced foot pedals. These aren’t just any ft . pedals, of course – they’ll be produced from great-good quality light weight aluminum or stainless-steel, including a touch of deluxe in your motor vehicle. It is important to note that these pedals will not be for overall performance driving advancement however for artistic uses only.

5. Dashcam – With any luck ,, you’ve never been involved in an crash when traveling your Tesla. But should you ever find yourself inside an incident or an altercation, using a dashcam could make a significant difference in terms of settling the circumstance. Situated in the car’s entrance digicam, the dashcam continually documents and will save you video footage whilst you’re on the streets. You can purchase a dashcam kit constructed specifically for your Tesla or purchase one that will be installed in other automobiles too.


As being a Tesla owner, these add-ons are simply the start of ways to boost your driving a car experience – and many others can be found out there. From defense against road risks and incidents, to much more personalized choices that enhance comfort and style, any Tesla lover will certainly find the correct extras that fit their needs and price range. By purchasing the ideal add-ons that complement their Tesla vehicle and private fashion, owners can take their driving a car experience up a degree, creating every journey much more fun!