Protected Text: Ensuring Your Words Are Seen by the Right Eyes

With the growing use of technologies within our lives, it’s be more essential than in the past to protect our conversation. While texting is hassle-free, it could be susceptible to hackers that can intercept our emails, take our private data, and in many cases impersonate us. That’s where Shielded Textual content is available in as being a protected messaging option. In this article, we’ll discover what protect text Guarded Text message is, the way it works, and why you ought to think about using it.

What exactly is Shielded Text message?

Shielded Written text is really a protected messaging application that utilizes stop-to-conclusion file encryption technological innovation to guard your communications and make sure that they can basically be viewed by you and the meant receiver of the email. Consequently regardless of whether someone intercepts your concept, they won’t have the capacity to read it due to the fact it’s encoded. In addition, Safeguarded Textual content will not retail store your emails on their own web servers, which further increases your level of privacy and stability.

How does Shielded Text message work?

Safeguarded Textual content utilizes a variety of AES-256 encryption, RSA 2048 encryption, and ideal Forward Secrecy to protect your emails. When you deliver information, it’s encoded on your own system prior to being sent to the recipient. Only the receiver will be able to decrypt your message making use of their private crucial. This makes certain that even when a person results accessibility concept during transmitting, they won’t be able to read through it.

Why think about using Safeguarded Textual content?

There are several motives why you ought to consider utilizing Protected Text message, which includes:

Enhanced personal privacy: Safeguarded Text makes sure that only both you and your intended recipient can see your information, that is especially crucial if you’re discussing hypersensitive information.

Safe conversation: By utilizing finish-to-finish file encryption, Protected Text message guards your emails from interception and theft.

User friendly: Safeguarded Text message carries a consumer-friendly program that means it is very easy to send and acquire protected emails.

No concept storage space: Simply because Shielded Written text doesn’t retail store your information on their web servers, there’s no likelihood of your data getting breached or subjected.

Are there disadvantages in making use of Shielded Written text?

Although Safeguarded Written text is an excellent protect text messaging solution, it can have got a number of downsides. For just one, it’s not as popular as some other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Because of this you may need to encourage your relationships to down load and utilize the mobile app if you would like connect securely using them. Additionally, Safeguarded Text doesn’t enable group of people online messaging, which may be a disadvantage for many end users.


In summary, if you’re worried about your privacy and protection while texting, Safeguarded Written text is definitely worth considering. It includes conclusion-to-end file encryption, no information storage, as well as a end user-warm and friendly graphical user interface that means it is simple to operate. Though it is equipped with some drawbacks, the benefits of utilizing Safeguarded Textual content far exceed any prospective disadvantages. So if you want to talk firmly, give Shielded Text message a go!