Princess Leia Organa – Rebellion Leader and Twin Sister of Luke Skywalker


Superstar Conflicts films have been in existence for several years, along with the characters are becoming renowned. But who are these heroes? Within this article, we’ll take a good look at many of the most well-known star wars characters and then try to arrive at the bottom part of who they really are.

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Luke Skywalker: The Hero

Luke Skywalker may be the primary protagonist from the Celebrity Competitions videos. He’s a younger guy from Tatooine who hopes for experience and exhilaration. As he matches Obi-Wan Kenobi, he joins the Rebel Alliance with their combat with the satanic Empire. Luke is brave and selfless, constantly placing others before him self. He’s also a talented pilot and Jedi Knight.

Han Solo: The Scoundrel

Han Solo is really a smuggler and initial who aids Luke Skywalker escape from Tatooine. He’s cocky and sarcastic, but he’s also courageous and dedicated. He eventually joins the Rebel Alliance and slips crazy about Princess Leia.

Princess Leia: The First Choice

Princess Leia may be the head of your Rebel Alliance. She’s brave and fiery, always standing up for what she considers in. She’s also clever and resourceful, capable of outwit her opponents time and again. Leia is later revealed to become Luke Skywalker’s two sibling.

Darth Vader: The Villain

Darth Vader is among the most famous villains in every of stories. He’s an effective Sith Lord who can serve as the proper-palm man of Emperor Palpatine. Vader is ruthless and ferocious, halting at nothing to accomplish his goals. But he’s also vulnerable, as demonstrated by his passion for his kids, Luke and Leia.


These are just some of the various popular Star wars characters. Each one of these is unique and intriguing within its way. No matter if you’re a fan of the films or otherwise not, there’s no doubt these characters have kept an enduring perception on take traditions.