Licensed medical professionals provide home health care from Dr. John Manzella

Regardless of age, many people cannot attend a health center due to health or mobility problems. Home health care from Dr. John Manzella is the best alternative to offer the support they need.
Home medical care is a type of assistance provided directly at the home of patients who cannot travel to a health center due to a mobility problem or their state of health.
Home health care of Dr John Manzella is provided by licensed medical professionals, from nurses, therapists, doctors, or assistants who aim to treat or manage an illness, injury, or any medical condition.
Assistance can include treating wounds, drawing blood for analysis, or even complex treatments such as chemotherapy. This service is not designed exclusively for the elderly who require medical care but also for dependent and disabled people.

Treatments for any disease

Confusion between the terms home health care and home care is common. Although their name is so similar and because both are carried out in the patient’s residence, it could be thought that they are the same; in reality, they have great differences.
The main difference is that qualified medical professionals administer the home health care of Dr. John Manzella. At the same time, the second term is provided by people not associated with the health sector.
Home health care covers all types of treatment for any illness or disease. However, home care consists of carrying out tasks to meet the needs of the patient’s daily life, such as housekeeping tasks, shopping, cooking, or personal care, such as cleaning or putting the person to bed.

The best specialists at your disposal

Home health care from Dr John Manzella has an essential role in the health sector and is not lacking in comparison to the treatment received by the patient in a hospital. All medical services are provided by qualified specialists, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, or even physiotherapists. Therefore, patients have the same access and opportunities to receive medical care as those who go to a hospital.